What You Need To Know About Safe Home Deeds Storage

property-deeds_resizeWhen you make a major purchase such as a home, the paperwork must be safely stored. A home or property deed is your record detailing the transfer of real property into your possession. There are a variety of ways to ensure safe home deeds storage and most home owners should consider using a few different methods to ensure they will have the access they require to these important documents.

Store Copies Of Your Safe Home Deeds Online

Home owners are increasingly putting documents online. Scanned copies can be password protected on available storage space and easily retrieved when needed. You will want to make sure that security measures are in place so that hackers cannot access your information.

Bank Deposit Box Storage

Peace of mind comes with the rental of a small lock box at your local bank or credit union. Important documents such as home deeds and birth certificates can be safely stored and accessed during normal business hours. Most institutions offer a reasonable monthly fee and require proper documentation in order to access.

Fire Proof Safe

A home safe is an excellent option for storage of important documents. They can be securely mounted to a wall within your home or placed in a secure and hidden location. Most small safes are fire resistant so you will be able to recover should your home be destroyed. The key should be secured in a safe and separate location.

Retrieve Your Documents From County Courthouse Or Title Company

The law requires that documents from the sale of real property be stored at the Clerk’s Office at the County Courthouse. If you lose your documents and need to obtain a certified copy, a trip to the courthouse will be required. A small fee is generally required and many documents are currently online. You will be required to show identification before obtained a copy of a deed in most cases.

The bank or title company that you used to purchase your home will also have copies of these documents on file. In most cases, it is very simple to receive a copy from them. Simply contact them and explain your situation. If they store them online, you may be able to get a copy immediately.

Using a variety of methods to store important documents means that you will always have access to them. Your financial security depends upon it.

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